Multi family debt collection and rent payment process

Property Debt Collections

For the property debt industry, the game has changed. A few years ago, visibility into the property debt collection and rent payment process of an agency was limited. The primary goal was to get the bad debt off the Property Manager's desk and onto someone else’s. After all, there’s little difference between agencies, right?

Today, several forces are driving Property Managers to take a much harder look at their debt collections process:

• Senior management is looking to squeeze every dime
• The level of financial scrutiny from owners, investors, and the government is at an all time high
• There is increased pressure to perform at optimum levels

Hunter Warfield is a fully licensed, 200+ employee strong, professional revenue recovery firm. We are the industry’s most trusted debt collections partner due to our depth of experience, best in class technology and best practice approach.

Here is what makes our debt collection process different:

• Our flexible integrations help you turnover accounts faster, streamline the multifamily debt collections process, and interface to property management software, such as RealPage, Yardi, Entrata, MRI, On-Site, RHR and others, while abiding by your policies and procedures regarding rent payment.

Hunter Warfield Property Management Integrations

• Our legal team has researched the laws in all 50 states and we have developed the technology and automation to create a national interest program. We charge interest on the money owed in accordance with your lease and/or state laws. Two million extra dollars were collected for our clients this year as a result of this program.
• And we provide visibility into the performance of your portfolio and the adherence to your rent payment policy.

As a Hunter Warfield client, you will have the best technology, best rent payment collection practices and the most experienced people recovering your receivables and protecting your business.

That’s Hunter Warfield.

Taking care of your
bottom line - now!
Hunter Warfield is collecting interest on debtor accounts. Consider the benefits:
  • You can increase your revenue.
  • Adding interest will increase overall returns. In addition, the timeframe to complete recovery will be significantly reduced.
  • Adding interest gives your debtor more incentive to pay NOW!
  • The addition of interest will lead to a reduction in the net cost of your collections.
  • You will fully benefit from faster payments.
  • Your settlement amounts will considerably increase, which is a win-win situation for you.