Funeral Care Debt Collections

Hunter Warfield is the largest revenue recovery firm in the United States with a dedicated division focused solely on our funeral care client needs. We are the exclusively endorsed debt collection agency for National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) members and are proud to be endorsed by multiple state funeral directors' associations. The Hunter Warfield client service and debt collections staff is professionally trained and understands the unique approach necessary when working with our funeral homes. 

A large percentage of funeral homes are still experiencing slow payments or no payments once the service has been completed. This creates several problems. Funeral home owners are responsible for the day to day needs of running a business. Tracking customers is important, but it is not as urgent as the daily needs of the funeral home.

There are several primary issues faced by a funeral home owner:

• Accepting the fact that a formal payment policy is critical to the success of the business
Establishing clear payment terms with the family at time of service
Developing a formal receivables process so outstanding bills are reviewed at 60 and 90 days
Sending the outstanding receivables to your debt collection agency when the customer is 120 days past due

To select a revenue recovery partner:

• Identify a firm who specializes in your business and is approved and endorsed by a national association representing the funeral industry.
Ask if they are fully licensed. Fewer than 5% of the more than 6,000 debt collection agencies in the United States are licensed, and Hunter Warfield is one of them. We do this because unlicensed debt collections incurs too much risk for our clients and therefore is simply unacceptable.

Although the majority of agencies make calls and send letters to your customers, there are defining attributes that definitely separate the mediocre from the great.

That’s Hunter Warfield.


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