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Benefits & USP's

Creating Change in the Financial Lives of our Clients

Hunter Warfield is a company that combines a superior debt collections methodology with an experienced, well-trained staff to ensure your debt collections are effective and simple. We provide clear and easy-to-use reporting that ensures you can focus on your business and oversee your account results, as you like.

We know that maintaining the reputation and integrity of your business is paramount. Hunter Warfield ensures that our interaction with delinquent accounts is managed with professionalism - our fully staffed compliance department balances your business reputation with an endeavor to achieve optimum results and see commitments honored.

Our team is trained at Hunter Warfield University - a facility that prepares our staff to understand the nuances of our challenging goals. Our specialized training program is followed by a coordinated orientation process, which ensures that our staff members are ready to deliver for your business when they begin working with our industry-specific teams. Our team is well prepared, and ready to perform from day one.

Hunter Warfield knows better than any other collection agency exactly how difficult the debt collections process can be. Our methods extend well beyond those that a company can generally implement on its own. We aim to let you focus on your business, while we take care of the difficulties that delinquent accounts present. Your business deserves your full attention and Hunter Warfield is the perfect partner to assist in reaping the reward of your efforts.

Great teams are built on integrity, commitment and passion. Hunter Warfield knows the value of having a team unlike any other in the industry - our unique culture ensures we have the best team working for you, a team committed to excellence and equally committed to enjoying the workplace. Our collaborative, fun culture encourages employees, maintains our superior staff and allows us to be the industry leader in debt collections success and client care.

With the abundance of collection agencies in the marketplace, it can be difficult to distinguish one company from another. Which collection agency is the right one for you when all are claiming that they collect more money at a faster rate than anyone else?

Although the majority of collection agencies make calls and send letters to your customers, there are defining attributes that definitely separate the mediocre from the great.

  • Is your business unique or different in some way?

  • When you begin working with Hunter Warfield, you will go through an introduction period that helps us understand more about your business. Although many of our current tools and methods may apply to you, some may not.

    For example, it is not uncommon for us to develop a debt collections approach specific to your company. By focusing on your experience, we can identify the top reasons your customers are currently not paying. Our operations team will utilize that information to create best practice responses to those disputes. Our debt collections staff will then be managed on their adherence to that script. All of these factors result in more money returned to your bottom line. 

    We listen. We learn. We adapt.

  • Are you concerned about your company image?

  • We embrace the fact that many companies hold off utilizing an agency because they are concerned about the negative impact that may cause. Your agency is an extension of your receivables department and will represent you on a daily basis.

    Hunter Warfield employs an entire compliance department to help protect your company image. Our compliance officers continually monitor and verify that our collectors are vigilantly working for you, yet are operating well within our legal and moral limitations. Their primary goal is to ensure that your $2,000 receivable issue does not become an additional $10,000 liability.

    All companies train their employees, but few collection agencies put in the time and expense to ensure only the best collectors are working on your business. Our university training program takes an experienced collector and educates him or her on how to collect the Hunter Warfield way. Training time is spent in both a classroom and a lab setting weeks before making calls to customers. All of our collectors pass numerous tests and benchmarks to ensure their proficiency.

  • Is a strong legal program important to you?

  • Prior to suggesting legal action against your customer, our collectors take the time to truly understand the entire financial picture. With a click of a button they are able to view liens, judgments, vehicles, property and credit lines. Using that information, they can have an educated conversation with your customer about their ability to pay.

    Unfortunately, some customers have the ability to pay, but choose not to. In those situations, we work with a network of attorneys across the US that are local to your customer. That network is managed by our own in-house counsel. Although many collection agencies have attorneys on staff, not all commercial debt attorneys are the same. For years, our attorney has worked both as a litigator of commercial debt accounts and as a member of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). He is an expert other attorneys consult on commercial debt accounts and is held in high regard. He is an integral part of what Hunter Warfield is able to provide our clients in both consultation and revenue recovery.

  • Would you like to see what your collection agency is doing with your accounts?

  • Twenty years ago there may have been some mystery to collecting on your accounts, but that is no longer the case. The difference comes down to how much your agency is willing to invest in your business and what tools they utilize to do so.

    Hunter Warfield believes in complete accountability to our clients. In order for that to happen, we give our clients the ability to see exactly what we are doing with each of their individual customers. From collection letter examples to individual call reports, there is never any mystery as to why we are successful. All of this is available behind our secure online access.

  • Do you require your vendors to be certified and licensed to do business?

  • The fact is the majority of debt collection agencies are not licensed to collect in all states that require it. It takes considerable time and money to meet the certifications required to begin and maintain a license.

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