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Commercial Debt Collections

You extend credit to one of your customers. The customer falls behind on payment and is unresponsive to your collection calls. Now it is time to take the next step.


How many problems do you have? The answer is three.

• First, you have to resolve the issue of the commercial debt. This is a financial problem and impacts your profitability.
• Next, you have the ongoing battle between finance and sales. Finance wants to tighten credit to reduce bad debt and sales wants to loosen credit to increase potential buyers. This is a revenue problem.
• Finally, you are sending the account to an outside vendor, one that may not be licensed or whose tactics may not be fully compliant with laws or regulations. This is a legal and business risk problem.

Hunter Warfield is a fully licensed, 150 employee strong, professional revenue recovery firm. Commercial companies come to us for our innovative technology and respectful approach that ensure our customer’s integrity is maintained while delivering the highest recovery rate for their bottom line.


Here is why you should consider us for your next placement:

• Our best practice approach combines exceptional technology with IACC trained and accredited debt collection professionals.
• Our technology helps our agents find and engage your customers and gives you complete transparency into the activity and status of every placement.
• Fewer than 5% of the more than 6,000 debt collection agencies in the United States are fully licensed. Hunter Warfield has been fully licensed since day one of its operations. We do this because unlicensed debt collection incurs too much risk for our clients and therefore is simply unacceptable.


Your business result?

• A fully compliant and transparent revenue recovery process that reduces your risk
• Proactive, fact based policy recommendations and benchmarks to improve credit decisions and rebuild your bottom line
• The peace of mind knowing you have a professional partner looking out for you

That’s Hunter Warfield.

A partner you can trust

Hunter Warfield provides full disclosure on all collector activity. Through our advanced technology, we are able to provide real-time status updates, review all actions taken previously, and share meaningful and detailed notes on each account. We have work strategies developed as best practice, but have the ability to customize per your policy and procedures.